Before buying a dog please consider.

Before you get a dog consider the following:
1) Is my property suitable for a dog?
2) If I rent, will the landlord approve a dog?
3) If I rent and relocate, how hard will it be to get the dog approved with the new landlord?
4) Can I dedicate a MINIMUM of an hour a day to exercising / playing with the dog?
5) Will it be allowed inside? If no, how will I manage the dog's welfare on really hot days?
6) Can I afford to vaccinate and worm the dog?
7) Can I afford to feed the dog each week?
8) Do I truly know how to treat a dog?
9) Do I know how to train a puppy? If no, where can I take it puppy preschool?
10) Where can I safely socialise the dog to ensure it is a well balanced dog in the future?

IF YOU ANSWER 'NO' to any of these questions, you are not ready.

Once fully grown, most dogs have the capacity of a 2.5 year old child. Remember this. They are easy to make happy but they are also easily scared and it's even easier to completely stuff a dog up for the rest of its life.